Traveling Exhibitions

Engage and inspire your visitors when you rent an award-winning traveling exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History.

Our team works with your team throughout exhibition selection, planning, marketing, installation and take down, ensuring a great experience for you and your audience.

Typical Specifications:

  • 11’ to 14’/3.4 to 4.3m minimum ceiling height
  • 5,000 to 8,000 ft2/470 to 750m2 gallery
  • Education, marketing, and press materials
  • Bilingual options available
  Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence Meet the extraordinary diversity of organisms that glow, from flickering fireflies to mysterious deep-sea fishes.   Dragons, Unicorns, and Mermaids: Mythic Creatures Learn about the natural and cultural origins of some of the world’s most enduring mythological creatures.   Giants, Dragons and Unicorns: The World of Mythic Creatures *For Smaller Galleries* Discover how real animals inspired legends of mermaids, griffins, and other mythic creatures.   Nature's Superheroes: Life at the Limits Explore the remarkable "superpowers" that organisms have evolved to survive and thrive, even under extreme conditions.   Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs Neither birds nor dinosaurs, find out how the unique flying pterosaurs evolved and thrived for nearly 150 million years.   Sharks Discover the incredible diversity of this ancient and fascinating group of fishes.   T. rex: The Ultimate Predator T. rex: The Ultimate Predator reveals the amazing story of the most iconic dinosaur in the world.   The Nature of Color Explore the many roles of color in the natural world and across human cultures.   The Power of Poison From a deadly weapon to a life-saving treatment, explore poison's paradoxical roles in nature, myth, health, and history.   The Secret World of Elephants Discover the amazing, charismatic elephant in a whole new way.   The World's Largest Dinosaurs Discover the amazing biology of a group of super-sized dinosaurs: the long-necked and long-tailed sauropods.   Unseen Oceans Explore the depths of the world's oceans through the lens of 21st century technology.