Global Business Development

Explore opportunities to share the American Museum of Natural History's engaging scientific content with your audiences.

Each year, the American Museum of Natural History produces a variety of traveling exhibitions, immersive planetarium shows, and other content drawn from the Museum’s vast scientific expertise and collections.

We are pleased to be able to share this exceptional content with institutions, venues, publishers, and manufacturers around the world.

Each of our content streams presents forward-looking scientific questions and inspires intellectual curiosity and discovery while engaging visitors of all ages. More than 250 venues have presented Museum-produced content, in more than 39 countries on six continents. 


Traveling Exhibitions

Drawing on the expertise and research of the Museum’s 200+ scientists, and developed by our renowned designers and preparators, our immersive, prize-winning exhibitions engage and inspire visitors.

Working Together


Selecting an Exhibition

We work with you to select an exhibition that meets your goals and suits your gallery space, supports your mission, and fits within your calendar.

Planning Logistics

Our project managers collaborate with your team to plan a custom floorplan, coordinate shipments, and support your venue in preparing for the exhibition.


On-Site Install Management

In anticipation of the installation, we provide detailed installation and exhibitry maintenance guides. Our install manager joins your team on-site, working together to install and de-install the exhibition.

Marketing + Educational Tools

To complement the exhibition, we provide sample press releases, high-resolution photos and marketing artwork, along with our robust educator guides and activity sheets.

Exhibition Intellectual Property

We also offer customized intellectual property packages comprising content from nearly all of the Museum’s permanent, temporary, or archival collections and exhibitions. Partners can reproduce a proven exhibition, or enhance an existing one, with our unique and streamlined development process.


Planetarium Content

Created by a team of producers, directors, astrophysicists, and artists, our spectacular planetarium shows feature the latest scientific data and visualization technology available. The results are stunning, fascinating, and educational. 

These best-in-class shows are available for rental to display in your own digital planetarium.


Film & Video Content

The Museum produces exceptional science film and video content, which is made available to partners and institutions worldwide. Current productions include the award-winning Dark Universe now available in 3D for giant screen theaters, as well as a series of HD video documentaries that highlight cutting-edge scientific research and issues of public interest in the fields of astrophysics, earth science, biodiversity and conservation, and human evolution and health. 



From guidebooks to art books, board books to literary nonfiction, the Museum's trade-publishing program reflects the Museum's diverse audience, supports the Museum’s mission, and garners popular and critical acclaim. Our titles are written, edited, or vetted by the Museum's team of more than 200 scientists, librarians, and specialists, working in a range of disciplines, from anthropology and astrophysics to vertebrate zoology and invertebrate zoology.



The Museum’s commercial licensing program extends the reach of our research, exhibitions, and collections to a wider audience through a range of products, from stationery and educational toys to fossil reproductions.  

The Museum also offers visual content for commercial purposes in a variety of ways, including the Library’s photographic archive, which contains more than one million images; the Library's rare book collection includes more than 14,000 volumes; its historical archive contains more than 370,000 manuscripts, letters, and field notebooks.