Sharks (2D)

A great hammerhead shark swims above the sandy ocean floor Great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran)
© Nigel Marsh/iStock

Older than dinosaurs — and more threatened than threatening — sharks are spectacular, surprising, and often misunderstood. Discover the incredible diversity of this ancient and fascinating group by learning about their physiology, habitats and interactions with humans. 

Based on the blockbuster traveling exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History, this 2D panel exhibition introduces visitors to the complex character and nature of these popular and usually feared fishes.


Our 2D panel exhibitions are delivered digitally and are designed to be flexible for display in spaces of various sizes and layouts.

  • Flexible size (200–250 linear feet)
  • Digital delivery
  • Large-scale information graphics, image panels, photo arrays, captions, a Megalodon photo op, environmental imagery and optional media

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The American Museum of Natural History’s 2D panel exhibitions are ideal for presentation in museums, science centers, libraries, and other public or private spaces.

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Note: The Sharks 2D panel exhibition is currently under development.