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Space Show

Housed in the top half of the Hayden Sphere, the 429-seat theater is currently screening the Dark Universe Space Show.

The theater is wheelchair accessible. Captioning devices are available. Space Show translations are available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Now Showing: Dark Universe

The phenomenon known as red shift, in which light from objects moving away appears to be stretched out to longer, redder wavelengths

Fly through the Milky Way and explore the mysteries of invisible dark matter underlying galaxies and dark energy accelerating cosmic expansion.


Monday–Friday: Every half hour, 10:30 am–4 pm, except on Wednesdays, when first show begins at 11 am 

Saturday–Sunday: Every half hour, 10:30 am–5 pm

Length of show: 25 minutes

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Coming Soon: Worlds Beyond Our Earth

View of Jupiter during the Hayden Planetarium space show: Worlds Beyond Our Earth.

The new Space Show takes viewers on an exhilarating expedition through the solar system, from our own blue planet to far beyond the habitable zone.

Opens January 21, 2020