Hall of New York City Birds

Passenger Pigeons.

The Hall of New York City Birds showcases the rich diversity of birds in the greater New York area. The region attracts more than 400 species of birds because of its varied habitats—which include ponds and lakes, marshes and seashore, open meadows and wooded sections—and due to its location along major bird migratory routes. 

The hall features the most commonly occurring birds in the area, from tiny wrens and kinglets to large gulls and birds of prey. It includes some 300 specimens, most in the form of study skins, which are shown in elongated shapes so that they can be measured and compared. Many species are represented by both male and female specimens, drawing attention to differences in size and plumage.

One display case features the Passenger Pigeon, once the most abundant bird in North America but extinct since the early 20th century. Other highlights include specimens of diving ducks, mounted specimens of two heron species, and a case displaying mounted and study skins of hawks and vultures.

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