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Special exhibitions are storytelling in three dimensions—and all show science as a process and a way of being and thinking in the world.

Addressing the Statue is free with General Admission. To visit the other special exhibitions listed below, purchase a General Admission + One ticket (includes one special exhibition) or a General Admission + All ticket (includes all special exhibitions.) 

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Past Exhibitions

Special Exhibition Climate Change Explore the science and impact of climate change, and discover how individuals and nations can reduce carbon footprints. October 18, 2008 — August 16, 2009 Special Exhibition Countdown to Zero: Defeating Disease Find out about global efforts to contain or eradicate ancient afflications via social and scientific innovations. January 13, 2015 — May 29, 2017 Special Exhibition ¡Cuba! Explore Cuba's extraordinary biodiversity and unique culture through our immersive exhibits. November 21, 2016 — August 13, 2017 Special Exhibition Darwin Learn about Charles Darwin's observations of nature and how he transformed our understanding of the living world. November 19, 2005 — August 20, 2006 Special Exhibition Dinosaurs Among Us Dinosaurs Among Us examines how one group of dinosaurs evolved into fascinating living creatures we call birds. March 18, 2016 — January 2, 2017 Special Exhibition Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries Find out how new technologies are helping to solve persistent and puzzling dinosaur mysteries. May 14, 2005 — January 8, 2006 Special Exhibition Einstein Peer at the world through the eyes of Einstein, an extraordinary scientist and self-proclaimed "citizen of the world." November 15, 2002 — January 1, 2003 Special Exhibition Horse Discover more about horses' history and find out how our two species became powerfully linked. May 17, 2008 — January 4, 2009 Special Exhibition Mummies Get an up-close look at rarely-exhibited mummies. March 20, 2017 — January 7, 2018 Special Exhibition Our Senses: An Immersive Experience Explore 11 funhouse-like spaces in this highly experiential exhibition that dares you to trust your senses. November 20, 2017 — January 1, 2019 Special Exhibition The Secret World Inside You Explore the human microbiome and find out how rapidly evolving science is reshaping our ideas about human health. November 7, 2015 — August 14, 2016 Special Exhibition Unseen Oceans A marvelous, alien world lies hidden beneath the sunlit surface. Experience an ocean you never imagined. March 12, 2018 — August 18, 2019