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More Resources

Educator Materials Just Add Water! Give your class a tour of the diverse landscape of your own undersea realm! Educator Materials That's Heavy! This "heavy" experiment allows students to discover that salt water sinks in fresh water. Educator Materials Water vs. Land Brainstorm with your students a list of things that are possible in water that are not possible on land, and vice versa. Educator Materials Be an Ocean Biodiversity Detective! In this activity students will collect and closely observe specimens that have washed ashore to recognize different kinds of small... Educator Materials Evolution Natural selection plays a large role in the evolution of a species. The following activity demonstrates this concept. Article Life in Water: Vertebrates - Breathing Fish are among the few vertebrates that can breathe underwater. Like humans, fish need oxygen to survive—but water contains far less... Article Life in Water: Invertebrates - Locomomotion Invertebrates have evolved many different ways of moving through water. Educator Materials Cartesian Diver In this hands-on experiment, students create a neutrally buoyant "diver" and then observe the effects of increased water... Educator Materials Ocean Life This set of resources explores what lives in the ocean, and how. Educator Materials Properties of Water This set of resources investigates the characteristics of water and how marine life forms adapt to them. Educator Materials Ecosystems This set of resources explores what lives in different parts of the ocean, from coral reefs to deep sea vents. Educator Materials Dioramas This set of resources describes the role of art and the artist in presenting scientific information to the public.