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How Do Humans and Plants Interact in Tidal Wetlands?

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Stepping off of our noisy bus into the frigid morning air, I am immediately astounded by the primal beauty of the marsh. The golden and magenta sunrise highlights the background, silhouetting the graceful cordgrass as it dances in the biting wind, and reflecting shards of sparkling light on the glassy water. The area appears untouched by human existence, a place completely separate from the commotion and insanity of the highway no more than 20 feet away; time seems to have stopped here. The marsh is so still and hushed, almost lifeless, that I can hear the wail of a lone osprey soaring high above me in the purple sky, hungrily searching for prey hidden in the vast mud flats. Awed by the striking landscape, it is difficult to focus on my intended purpose for visiting this place. I have come to study the marsh, focusing on plants as a vital component of this ecosystem.