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Tide Pools and the Life Within Them

Part of Hall of Ocean Life.

by Talia, Grade 7, California - 2001 YNA Winner

I have lived by the ocean all my life and I was always very interested in the creatures that live by the seashore. My favorite beach is Doheny State Beach and I go there every summer. I always go at low tide and wade through the tide pools to find creatures. Twice a day the tide retreats and leaves all kinds of interesting creatures clinging to rocks or trapped in pools of water that collect around and between rocks. These pools are called tide pools. Tide pool animals are very well adapted to their ever-changing world of sand and surf. Almost every day of the summer I go to Doheny and search the tide pools for crabs, hermit crabs, limpets, snails, periwinkles, mussels, sea stars, chitons, sea urchins, and what I like to call sea slugs. By carefully turning over a few rocks and looking in shells I find these incredibly interesting creatures.