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B.6.2.2. Abee. An iron case? hero

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An iron case?

Iron will remain in a metallic state unless it is exposed to a substance like water, which "oxidizes" the metal. The iron in Abee is almost all in a metallic state—suggesting that the parent body from which this meteorite broke off never contained any liquid water.

Scientists speculate that Abee and other meteorites in the same group (enstatite chondrites) formed relatively close to the Sun, where parent bodies contained little or no water. Similar parent bodies appear to be concentrated in the inner asteroid belt.

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Fell June 9, 1953 Alberta, Canada


AMNH 3987

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Keywords: Asteroid belt, Astrophysics, Iron alloys, Chondrites (Meteorites), Solar system, Astrogeology, Meteorites, Iron

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