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B.4.2.5. Mighei The ingredients for life? A hero

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The ingredients for life?

The matrix of some meteorites contains relatively high levels of carbon compounds. These meteorites, such as Mighei, are as black as charcoal. In contrast, meteorites like Olivenza have a matrix that is relatively low in carbon and are much lighter in color.
Meteorites that are high in carbon compounds often contain relatively high levels of water as well. As our planet was forming, meteorites and comets rich in water and complex carbon compounds delivered these components to Earth, providing the chemical building blocks for life on our planet.

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Fell June 18, 1889

Olviopol, Kherson, Mykolaïv Province, Ukraine


AMNH 500

For Educators

Topic: Astronomy

Subtopic: Planets

Keywords: Meteorites, Astrophysics, Life--Origin, Mineralogy, Carbon cycle (Biogeochemistry), Astrogeology, Comets

Audience: General