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The Spitzer Hall of Human Origins presents key and cutting-edge evidence – fossils, genetic data, and artifacts – that scientists use to assemble the evolutionary story of our taxonomic family, the hominids. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students. The Sackler Educational Lab is currently closed, but you can take part in a Virtual Lab Experience

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Use these free online resources before or after your visit to further explore themes presented in the Hall of Human Origins.

Educator Materials Analyzing Images of Culture A picture is worth a thousand words, but whose words are they? Zoom in on how the opinions and biases of photographers can color... hands-on Buried Bones The next time you have chicken, don't throw out the bones—bury them in plaster of Paris. Then, scrape by scrape, see firsthand the... Special Exhibition Darwin Learn about Charles Darwin's observations of nature and how he transformed our understanding of the living world. November 19, 2005 — August 20, 2006 hands-on Finding Fossils You don't have to be a professional paleontologist to collect the remains of ancient life. Anyone can find fossils. This handy how-to... Educator Materials Evolution Natural selection plays a large role in the evolution of a species. The following activity demonstrates this concept. hands-on Make a DNA Model Do you know what makes you different from a snail, a tree, or even your best friend? Find out with this hands-on look at genetic... Educator Materials Multiple Cultures, Multiple Identities What defines you: your ethnic background, the region you live in, your age, or your gender? Correct answer: All of the above. Assemble... hands-on Piecing It All Together Ornate jewelry, simple baskets, stone tools ... these are just some of the artifacts archaeologists have uncovered among ancient... Educator Materials Spitzer Hall of Human Origins Online Resources Unearth and explore a 1.6-million-year-old human skeleton. Watch a video that explains why evolution matters. And compare human skeletons... Educator Materials Spitzer Hall of Human Origins Booklist for Kids Explore your ancestral past and the 22nd-century possibilities of DNA research with this collection of kid-friendly titles selected... Educator Materials Spitzer Hall of Human Origins Booklist for Adults Find an answer to the question, "What is human nature?" Investigate Jane Goodall's pioneering field research. And consider... Educator Materials Spitzer Hall of Human Origins Glossary What are evolutionary trees? How do hominids differ from primates? And why is it important that humans are capable of symbolic thought?... game Tools of the Trade How do you find a place that's been lost for more than 300 years? Take up this challenge, and learn what it took for archaeologists... story Tree of Life Investigate circular and 3D cladograms to see how scientists keep track of species and their evolutionary relationships. Educator Materials Understanding Geologic Time How long have humans been on Earth compared to the length of time dinosaurs roamed the planet? Gain a new understanding of time by... hands-on Wear a Chimp on Your Wrist How can you wear a chimp on your wrist—without getting primate elbow? The answer to this riddle is not as tough as it may seem. Need... video What Makes You, YOU Nature + Nurture = You! While it may look like a simple equation, the combination of your genes and your environment is actually...