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Guided Exploration: Climate & Climate Change

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1. Weather and Climate Section

The complex interaction of many factors — the amount of sunlight, the condition of the atmosphere, the ocean, the solid Earth, the ice sheets, and life itself — regulates climate and causes it to change. Explore this area to learn about the relationships between the atmosphere, ocean, climate, and weather. Then investigate greenhouse gases and the role of carbon in the climate system.


2. Ice Core, Deep-Sea Sediment Core (#8), and Tree Ring Section (#13)

Climate changes over time. This record is preserved in glaciers, in lake and ocean sediments, in corals and trees, and in rocks. Watch the video and explore how scientists use different types of evidence to learn about past climate. Then use the ice core interactive to further investigate the climate record.


3. Carbon Cycle Diagram

The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere strongly influences climate. Explore how carbon moves through Earth and the different roles of short- and long-term reservoirs (e.g. the ocean versus the mantle and crust).