Hall of Small Mammals

Collared Peccary.

The Hall of Small Mammals, which is an offshoot of the larger Hall of North American Mammals, depicts a variety of animals in small dioramas of their natural habitats, from the Canadian tundra to the brush country of southern Texas.

Two species of squirrels, the collared peccary, wolverine, mink, marten, and badger are among the mammals featured. Descriptions of such key characteristics as behavior, typical diet, and reproductive traits are included for each species.

Each window reveals one or more mammals in a detailed natural setting at a particular season and time of day. In one window, for example, two northern flying squirrels are shown in the Montana twilight, one in the air and the other perched in a tree. In another, a short-tailed weasel and a red-backed vole explore a wooded area in Mount Katahdin, Maine, in August.

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