Lifelong Explorer

Part of Theodore Roosevelt Memorial.

"No man leads a hardier or more adventurous life than the collecting naturalist whose quest takes him to the uttermost parts of the earth...If he has eyes to see he will have many a tale to tell...of true stories of adventure in strange lands." —Theodore Roosevelt

March 1909
Two books pictured from the spines, which read "African Game Trails" by Theodore Roosevelt Volumes I & II.

Publishes African Game Trails: The book—collected articles written during his Africa trip—is one of many written to support himself after his presidency. 


October 1910

Flies in Airplane: Former President Roosevelt is the first Commander-in-Chief to fly in a plane. 

February 1912
Summer 1912

Campaigns from Sagamore Hill: Roosevelt maintained his "strenuous life" at Sagamore Hill. He chopped wood, rode horses and campaigned from his Long Island home.

October 14, 1912
A copy of Theodore Roosevelt's typed speech, held together with a paper clip, with two holes in it and a damaged glasses case.

Shot By Assassin: Bullet passes through a 50-page speech and glasses case, lodging in a rib. Gives scheduled speech, saying, "It takes more than that to kill a bull moose."


November 5, 1912

Edmund Morris: Loses the presidency to Wilson, but places second, ahead of incumbent Taft.

August 1913

David Hurst Thomas: Visits Hopi, Arizona; over the years, Roosevelt developed a keen interest in Native cultures.

Book cover with a profile image of Theodore Roosevelt in a circle and text reading "Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography."

Publishes Autobiography: Roosevelt writes about his life, from childhood through his presidency.


October 1913

Patricia O'Toole: Roosevelt agrees to help map an uncharted river; discovers it's an Amazon tributary. 

February-April, 1914

Maps River of Doubt: Among the obstacles were severe rapids that the group avoided by cutting paths through the jungle and hauling heavy, dugout canoes. After many portages, three deaths and dangerous food shortages, the river, now Rio Roosevelt, was mapped.

May 1914

Spends Time at Sagamore Hill: Roosevelt was extremely fond of his family home in Long Island, New York. While there, he spent time outdoors and with his family.

July 28, 1914
Four people, including Archie Roosevelt seated on the floor, and Kermit Roosevelt seated to the right.

Start of WWI: The Roosevelts support the war effort. All four sons volunteer (Archie seated on floor; Kermit on right)


June 1915

Visits Bird Reservation: Roosevelt, a lifelong ornithologist, watches birds, sits by the water and explores wetlands during this visit to Breton Island Bird Reservation, Louisiana.

July 14, 1918
Quentin Roosevelt sitting in a small plane.

Son Dies: Roosevelt's youngest son, Quentin, is killed in France while serving as a fighter pilot. Two other sons are wounded but recover. 



Edmund Morris: After his 1912 presidential run, Roosevelt devotes himself to writing. 

January 6, 1919

Dies: Roosevelt dies in his sleep at Sagamore Hill. He is 60 years old.