T. rex: The Ultimate Predator

A life-sized fleshed out model of a T. rex is positioned lunging forward toward the viewer with its jaws open to expose rows of teeth with saliva D. Finnin/© AMNH
In this traveling exhibition, come learn about the most fearsome carnivore of the Mesozoic and discover other members of the tyrannosaur family. 

How did T. rex grow from a fluffy vulnerable hatchling to become the most fearsome carnivore of the Mesozoic? 

T. rex: The Ultimate Predator examines the remarkable features that allowed T. rex to dominate its competition, explores the sensory abilities and social behaviors of this powerful hunter, and reveals how the world's most iconic dinosaur evolved from a superfamily that included more than two dozen species and spanned 100 million years. 

Explore our evolving understanding of this theropod, learn about a number of recent tyrannosaur discoveries, and find out how paleontologists study fossil specimens to understand the biology and behavior of T. rex.


The exhibition reveals the amazing story of the most iconic dinosaur in the world through stunning life-sized models, fossil casts, and engaging interactives.

Key Questions

  • What is T. rex
  • How did T. rex live?
  • How many kinds of animals are in the T. rex evolutionary tree?
  • How did T. rex get so big when its ancestors were so small? 
  • How do we study tyrannosaurs?


"Startlingly vivid models and whoa!-inducing technology."
–The New York Times

"T. rex reigns not only as the king of dinosaurs but the star of the science world's hottest show."
–What Should We Do

"Loaded with fresh facts and things to see."


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T. rex: The Ultimate Predator is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (amnh.org).