Nature's Superheroes: Life at the Limits

In this new exhibition, visitors will explore the amazing superpowers that animals, plants, and other living organisms have developed to survive and to thrive.

Elephant seals that hold their breath for 100 minutes as they dive to depths of 900 - 2,000 feet to find prey. Migratory geese that ride air currents through the highest valleys of the Himalayas twice a year. Tardigrades that can survive dehydration, extreme temperatures—even the radiation of space.

Featuring life-size and larger-than-life models, several species of live animals, videos, and interactive exhibits, Nature's Superheroes: Life at the Limits tells the stories of these and many more extraordinary creatures across the tree of life.



"There is something here for everyone." − The New York Times

"Wonder is what you feel is a surprise that spurs us to greater understanding." − Wall Street Journal

"Celebrates the wonder and awe of the will to survive and thrive." − International Business Times

"There are a ton of thrillingly weird and wild creatures..." − The Washington Post

Exhibition Information

Venue Gallery Size:

6,000 - 7,000 ft2

(550 – 750 m2)


Venue Ceiling Height:

12 ft recommended

(3.6 m)


Conservation & Security Requirements:



Standard Rental Length:

14-16 weeks

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