A group of visitors excitedly point to a scientifically accurate model of megalodon–the biggest predatory fish of all time. The gaping jaws of a scientifically accurate model of megalodon—the biggest predatory fish of all time—greets visitors as the start of the exhibition.
D. Finnin/© AMNH
In this traveling exhibition, examine the amazing breadth of shark diversity, the challenges and benefits of humans and sharks coexisting, and the role sharks play in ocean ecosystems.

Sharks goes beyond the stereotype of the terrifying hunter, bringing visitors a new perspective on these animals through an incredible exploration of adaptations, habitats, and the human-shark relationship.


This immersive, family-friendly exhibition includes dozens of life-size models showcasing the diverse range of shark species and touch-free interactives that challenge visitors to hunt like a hammerhead.

Key questions

  • What's the history of sharks in the world?
  • How many species of sharks are there?
  • How do different species of sharks vary from one another?
  • What is the human impact on sharks?

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Sharks is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York ( The Museum gratefully acknowledges Discovery Inc. for its generous support of Sharks. A selection of footage in Sharks has been provided by Discovery's Shark Week