The Secret World of Elephants

An African elephant with a herd behind it stands facing forward in savanna habitat with a cloudless sky above African elephant herd
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Now open at AMNH. Tour begins in Fall 2025.

Elephants use tools, mourn their dead, and communicate across long distances through ground vibrations. They have incredible spatial memories and sensing abilities. They have been essential to humans in work and war, and revered in culture and religion. Their populations are in danger.

The Secret World of Elephants brings visitors into a previously unseen, fascinating world of elephants through life-size models, compelling stories, and enlightening interactives, revealing just how much we are still learning about these intriguing animals.

Key Questions

  • How did elephants evolve, and who are their closest relatives?
  • What unique adaptations help elephants survive?
  • How are elephant and human behaviors similar?
  • What role do elephants play in human cultures, and how can we help in their conservation?

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