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Passport to the Universe

Passport to the Universe

Now available in 8K, this incredible space show takes audiences on a thrilling voyage from our home planet through the observable universe.

Dark Universe pin

Dark Universe

Celebrate pivotal discoveries that have led to greater knowledge of the universe and our place in it — and to new frontiers for exploration.

Cosmic Collisions pin

Cosmic Collisions

From subatomic to galactic, this thrilling space show delves into the destructive and deadly, yet beautiful and creative collisions that fuel our universe.

Journey to the Stars pin

Journey to the Stars

Tour familiar stellar formations, explore new celestial mysteries, and discover the fascinating, unfolding story that connects us all to the stars.

The Search for Life pin

The Search for Life: Are We Alone?

From the depths of our oceans to the far reaches of our universe, engage in an intriguing search for life outside our planet.

All We Are pin

All We Are

All We Are takes viewers on a journey in scale, from the outermost limit of the universe to the very smallest component parts known to humanity.


Additional Planetarium Offerings

Learn about other offerings for display in planetarium domes, including our 3-D atlas of the universe and programs for younger audiences.