Exhibitions Created in Conjunction with the CBC

A view of the Museum's Hall of Biodiversity's Spectrum of Life exhibit, an illuminated wall with models and spectrum of many life forms, and a doorway into the Hall of Ocean Life with the model of the blue whale.

Together with the Exhibition Department and other Museum departments, the CBC produces exhibitions to invite in-depth exploration of biodiversity and the natural world, and to share ways in which we can all become involved in conservation.

Permanent Collection

Hall of Biodiversity

hall of biodiversity

The Hall of Biodiversity presents a vivid portrait of the beauty and abundance of life on Earth, highlighting both biodiversity and the factors that threaten it. 

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall

rosevelt memorial hall

Re-envisioned in 2012, the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall charts Roosevelt’s journey from a budding naturalist exploring the Museum’s halls to an elected leader with a deep commitment to conservation.

Traveling Exhibitions

Our Global Kitchen

Two teenagers stand over an interactive table showing a projection of meals being cooked

Our Global Kitchen explored the complex and intricate food system that brings what we eat from farm to fork.        

Past Special Exhibitions


The special exhibition, developed with colleagues at the Cuban National Museum of Natural History, explored the extraordinary biodiversity across the island’s remote forests, mysterious caves, expansive wetlands, and dazzling reefs. 


Water: H20=Life presented the comprehensive story of water from environmental, cultural, and scientific points of view, and suggested actions people can take to help conserve our planet’s water. 

Lonesome George

Before a species goes extinct, there must be one last survivor. Often that final individual slips away unknown, but the last surviving Pinta Island tortoise was a male known as Lonesome George

Discovering Vietnam's Biodiversity

CBC scientists drew from their extensive research in Vietnam to contribute to this exhibition showcasing the country’s unique species of animals and plants, their geographic distributions, recently discovered species, threats to the natural environment, and conservation efforts. 

Exploring Bolivia's Biodiversity

Vividly beautiful photographs highlight how the livelihoods and cultures of Bolivia's diverse peoples are inextricably tied to nature in many ways, from agriculture, architecture, and textiles, to traditional medicines and spirituality. 

Voices from South of the Clouds

The photographs taken by local people focus on everyday activities such as harvesting vegetables, herding cattle, playing instruments, and weaving blankets, all set against the lush landscapes of Yunnan Province in southern China. 

Yellowstone to Yukon

A journey through the Yellowstone to Yukon region that explored an ambitious wildlife corridor, and a conservation initiative connecting habitats.

Seasons of Life and Land: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 

Photographs that focused on the interdependent relationships among the refuge's land, water, wildlife, and humanity.