2012 Questions for a Resilient Future

2012 Questions for a Resilient Future 

In partnership with the Center for Humans and Nature, the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation hosted a group of Senior Scholars for a fascinating afternoon of dialogue on three of the "big questions" that challenge our society today. The speakers, drawing on decades of experience and a diversity of perspectives, explored the ethical dimensions of humanity's relationship with the rest of the natural world and ways to connect ideas with meaningful and effective action.

What Does it Mean to Be Human?

To Build or Not to Build a Road...How Do We Honor the Landscape?

Panel Discussion 

With David Sloan Wilson, Nina-Marie Lester and Ingrid Stafanovic. Moderated by Dr. Eleanor Sterling, Director, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History. 

How Do You Envision a Successful Economy without Continuous Economic Growth? 

Roundtable Discussion 

With Richard Howarth and Peter A. Victor. Moderated by Brooke Hecht, President of the Center for Humans and Nature. 

This is a yearly event that is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].