Rae Wynn-Grant

Visiting Scientist


Rae Wynn-Grant, Ph.D. is a Carnivore Ecologist with National Geographic Society and was previously a Conservation Science Research and Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow jointly appointed with the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation and the Education Department. As a conservation biologist, her work broadly explores the influence of human activity on large carnivore ecology, using spatial modeling techniques to explore these relationships. Rae's current work focuses on grizzly bear behavior and ecology in Montana, and her postdoctoral work explored the impacts of human activity on landscape use, habitat suitability, and habitat connectivity of black bears in the Western Great Basin. Previously, Rae also helped to coordinate the Education Department’s Science Research Mentoring Program, offering high school students the opportunity to join ongoing research projects lead by AMNH scientists. Rae received her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution from Columbia University, her Masters of Environmental Science from Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and her B.S. in Environmental Science from Emory University.