SciCafe: Climate Control

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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Dark smoky clouds float over the treetops of a forest, the result of a controlled burn in Hobart, Tasmania. Matt Palmer/Unsplash
Humans evolved in the natural world with little to no control over our environment.

Over time, humans began to find ways to adapt to varying climates by making clothing and shelter, and, eventually, by controlling fire. This ultimately led to central heating and air conditioning, but at great cost.  

In this SciCafe, join Kevin Uno, associate professor in the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University, for a discussion on the ways in which humanity’s need to control its own environment has led to dire impacts on global climate and where do we go from here.  

Please note, SciCafe is intended to be a casual, social environment. Seating is not guaranteed.  

ASL interpretation will be provided for this program.  

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This SciCafe is presented in collaboration with The Leakey Foundation.