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Educator Materials Biodiversity Crisis The Biodiversity Crisis: Losing What Counts is part of the museum's essay book series, designed to give teachers, students, and general... Educator Materials Cosmic Horizons With this book, you don't need to be an astrophysicist to understand the wonders of the cosmos. Educator Materials Earth Inside and Out Get a solid grounding in the current research about Earth's processes—from the history of Earth and plate tectonics to climate change... Educator Materials SunScapes: Our Magnetic Star Telescopes capture the Sun's ultraviolet light as beautiful images that are full of information about solar processes. This spectacular... Educator Materials Online Field Journals A set of activities for young children to explore the wonders of nature with the help of an adult. Educator Materials Giants of the Sea Investigate the elusive behavior of blue whales with these videos, text passages, and data interactives. Educator Materials Antarctica: The Farthest Place Close to Home Take your students to the world's most extreme environment with this curriculum. Educator Materials Bacteria Evolving: Tracing the Origins of a MRSA Epidemic These teaching case materials show practicing physicians and infectious disease specialists studying the origins and impacts of pathogens. Educator Materials Biodiversity Counts Pick one activity, one article—or use all units to teach your students about plants, arthropods, or both. This curriculum teaches... Educator Materials Deep Sea Vents Do your students think the age of exploration is over? Show them the shocking truth: the age of exploration has barely just begun... Educator Materials Dinosaurs: Activities and Lesson Plans Resources to help students understand everything from basic dinosaur biology and evolution, to the tools and methods of modern paleontology. Educator Materials Discovering the Universe Explore the concepts that underlie the study of the stars and other heavenly bodies, and how astrophysicists analyze their distant... Educator Materials Earthquake Risk in Bangladesh These teaching case materials show the fieldwork of an international team of scientists working to provide Bangladeshi leaders the... Educator Materials Ecology Disrupted High school ecology curriculum that uses real scientific data to link everyday human impacts to ecological principles. Educator Materials Exploring Bolivia's Biodiversity Bolivia’s diversity of animal and plant life is among the greatest in the world. Learn why the country has designated more than 17... Educator Materials Field Trip to the Moon These materials support student investigations of a virtual journey to the Moon in the Hayden Planetarium, or your own classroom. Educator Materials Five Tools and Processes for Translating the NGSS Into Instruction and Classroom Assessment This curriculum is designed to help PD leaders work with teachers on NGSS-aligned curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Educator Materials GRACE With these resources, students can explore real data to see for themselves how Earth's water is changing. Educator Materials Integrating Literacy Strategies into Science Instruction A series of videos that paint a picture of what it looks like to use literacy strategies to support students’ science content learning... Educator Materials NCEP Educator Resources The NCEP Collection features freely available resources for teaching and learning on a range of topics in biodiversity conservation. Educator Materials Patterns: Investigating Weather and Climate Have you ever wondered how the weather in your area compares with weather in other regions across the United States? This interactive... Educator Materials Polar Climate Change Lesson Plans These curricular unit plans help students explore and understand climate change with particular attention to the effect of climate... Educator Materials Politics and Pathogens This medical anthropology course will provide students with a humanistic perspective on health care and disease. Educator Materials River Ecology Investigate the effects of zebra mussels on the Hudson River with videos, articles, and interactive graphing tools. This website... Educator Materials Science Explorations A series of online investigations featuring scientific discoveries from Museum’s experts. Science Explorations is a collaboration... Educator Materials Structures & Culture These activities help students in grades 3-8 discover how everyday objects and architectural elements can be used to study different... Article Young Naturalist Awards Find all of the past essay winners, contest guidelines, rules, and how to submit entries for the Young Naturalist Awards Program....