Greening of the Arctic: Online Seminar

Part of the Data Visualization Google+ Hangouts Curriculum Collection.

How is climate change affecting plant life in the Arctic? And how does Arctic plant growth influence the climate system itself?

In this Google+ Hangout, Dr. Richard Pearson and Dr. Scott Goetz discuss a data visualization about the Arctic's greener future. The ecologists brief participants and answer questions about patterns of plant growth in the Arctic, the connections between Arctic vegetation and the climate, and how computer modeling is enabling scientists to predict what the Arctic landscape may look like in 50 years. The panel also offer tips for interpreting the visualization for audiences.

The Hangout features two researchers whose work is highlighted in the data visualization:

Richard Pearson

Dr. Richard Pearson Research Associate, American Museum of Natural History and Lecturer, University College London

Scott Goetz

Dr. Scott Goetz Deputy Director and Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center








To view the visualization and additional resources, visit Greening of the Arctic.

Funding for this Hangout is provided by NOAA Environmental Literacy Grant number NA10SEC0080014 and by National Science Foundation grant number ARC 0732948.