Biodiversity Crisis

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The Biodiversity Crisis: Losing What Counts is part of the museum's essay book series, designed to give teachers, students, and general readers insight into complex science topics. Each book includes case studies, profiles, and essays by leading scientists, along with an extensive glossary.

Educator Materials PROFILE: Penelope Bodry-Sanders From acting on the Broadway stage to acting on her concerns about habitat destruction in Madagascar, Penelope Bodry-Sanders has had... Educator Materials Case Study: The Belize Ethnobotany Reserve Project Traditional healers are among those hurt by logging and development of the rain forest. In Central America, they've joined forces... Educator Materials The Biodiversity Crisis: Losing What Counts   Educator Materials PROFILE: Amy Vedder   Educator Materials PROFILE: Dolores R. Santoliquido   Article PROFILE: Jaime A. Pinkham As head of the Department of Fisheries Resource Management for the Nez Perce tribe, Pinkham sees a strong link between the protection... Educator Materials PROFILE: Jane Goodall Goodall's work studying and working to protect chimpanzees is legendary. Yet it is not the only conservation effort in which she... Educator Materials PROFILE: Abebe Getahun This biologist was inspired by the Swedish scientists he encountered as a youth in Ethiopia. Learn how his career studying freshwater... Educator Materials PROFILE: Clare Flemming Bats are the only native mammal on Puerto Rico today, but that was not always the case. Find out what Flemming has learned by rappelling... Educator Materials PROFILE: Kevin Browngoehl Not long ago, leukemia was a fatal disease. Thanks to treatment that includes a potent drug created from a Madagascar plant, today... Article The Biodiversity Crisis: Brown-Eyed, Milk-Giving… and Extinct: Losing Mammals Since A.D. 1500* Which regions of the world have seen the greatest rates of mammal extinction? Surprisingly, it's not the Amazon rain forest nor Africa's... Educator Materials Profile: Michael Balick Around the world, habitats are being destroyed and people are turning away from ancient traditions. Balick is working to make sure... Article The Biodiversity Crisis: Lake Victoria In the world's largest tropical lake, Nile perch have nearly destroyed the ecosystem. But don't blame the perch—humans are at fault. Educator Materials Restoration of the Elwha River by Dam Removal, Washington In a single century, the salmon population of Washington State's Elwha River shrunk by more than 99 percent. What caused this dramatic... Article The Biodiversity Crisis: St. Lucia Parrot Recovery In the 1970s, only 100 St. Lucia parrots were left in the wild. Learn how an international effort more than tripled the population... Educator Materials Wilderness Preservation Act, U.S.A. There are more than 260 distinct ecosystems in the United States. Yet only a little over half of them are in protected wilderness... Educator Materials The Green Guerillas, New York City From a humble start 25 years ago tossing seed-filled water balloons into abandoned city lots, the Green Guerillas have grown into... Article The Biodiversity Crisis: Jaguars Because they feed on everything from monkeys and pacas to armadillos and alligators, jaguars play a key role in the rainforest ecosystem. Article The Biodiversity Crisis: Reefs in Crisis Humans have harmlessly harvested coral reefs for thousands of years. So why has our behavior in recent years put reefs at risk?