Model B: Planning for Instruction

Part of the Five Tools and Processes for Translating the NGSS Into Instruction and Classroom Assessment Curriculum Collection.

Use Model B to work with a group of educators to plan for classroom instruction focused on the NGSS.

Purpose: Deepen participant understanding of what phenomena-focused three-dimensional 5E instruction looks like and how this aligns with the vision of the Framework for K-12 Science Education. Participants will develop understanding through an experience with the parts of the Five Tools and Processes that are focused on developing instructional materials.

Audience: Teachers, district, or school-based instructional coaches and leaders, and informal science educators. Professional Development leaders may also be interested in attending to develop a deeper understanding of the process.

Components of the model: A pre-tool experience (optional depending upon experience of audience), Tool 1, Tool 2 (a shortened version), Tool 3, and Tool 4.

Time: Three one-day face-to face sessions with work time in-between sessions (recommended) or three full-day sessions.

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Tool 1  

Tool 2 LITE 

Tool 3 

Tool 4  

Version of five tools graphic in which Tool 5 is grayed out