Where Water Comes From

Part of the Ecology Disrupted Curriculum Collection.

Patapsco River
image credit: Fritz Geller-Grimm


Where Water Comes From teacher's guide




Key Idea: Water in our homes originates in nature.

Question:  In what ways do you use water in your home?
Answers:  Shower, toilet, dishes, drinking


Question:  Where and when do you see water outside?
Answers:  Everything in New York City is surrounded by water – rivers, ponds, bays, as well as rain and snow.


Question:  What are the differences between outdoor and indoor water sources?
Answers:  Students should point out that although water indoors is brought in by man-made means, the water source was originally out of doors (precipitation, lakes, streams, etc.).


Question:  Where does the water in your home come from and how does it get to your home?
Answers:  From reservoirs, pipes, lakes, streams, wells


Question:  What happens to all the rain and snow? Where does it go after it falls or melts?
Answers:  The water goes into larger bodies of water like rivers, canals and the bay; under the ground; into drainage pipes; into larger bodies of water; etc.