Baltimore Winters, Snow and Salt

Part of the Ecology Disrupted Curriculum Collection.

Baltimore winter


Setting the Stage slide show


Baltimore Winters teacher's guide



Use the prepared Setting the Stage slideshow to provide more information about Baltimore winters.


Key Idea:  Baltimore and the Northeast receive high amounts of snowfall. These areas use road salt to help melt the snow and ice.

Use the prepared slideshow to provide background on snow in Baltimore.

Some key background Information:

  • The Northeast uses the largest amounts of salt during winter months due to high incidence of snow and ice and high population density.
  • A little more than 18 inches of snow falls annually in the Baltimore area. The area also gets freezing rain or sleet a few times a year. All of that snow makes it hard for people to get around and can lead to car accidents.
  • In the winter of 2009-2010, 80.4 inches of snow fell on Baltimore.
  • Salt is used to melt snow and ice to make winter safer in Baltimore and other areas.