Arthropod Identification

Part of the Biodiversity Counts Curriculum Collection.

What makes a beetle a beetle? How does a beetle behave? And what on Earth does a beetle have in common with a lobster? These activities and resources can help your students develop an understanding of arthropods and learn techniques for observing arthropods in the field. They are designed will inspire budding entomologists and help squeamish students learn to appreciate the world's largest group of animals.

Activities & Worksheets

Name That Critter

Can you name the mystery arthropod named for its hundred-some legs? More important, do you know what physical and behavioral characteristics it shares with a shrimp or honeybee?

Arthropod Jeopardy

Answer: This arthropod may not be welcome at picnics, but it does help clean up the world by eating dead insects. Question: What is an ant? Turn your arthropod knowledge into a game of Jeopardy.