Selecting a Site for Field Study

Part of the Biodiversity Counts Curriculum Collection.

Head outside for an intensive field study and learn how to map a site. 

Students are introduced to the techniques used by scientists in the field—how to select a site for study; and how to measure, mark, and map it. They then apply these concepts to an actual site, selected for a study of local biodiversity; teams measure, mark, and map individual plots and then combine their maps to create a map of the entire site. 

Activities & Worksheets

Mapping the Classroom

What's the size of your desk in relation to your teacher's? Or to the chalkboard at the front of the room? Hone your mapping skills with this classroom activity.

Is There Biodiversity in Our Backyard?

You just might be surprised by how diverse and interdependent the living things around your school are. Investigate a patch of sidewalk, a grassy or wooded spot, or even someone's front yard.

Site Report

Not sure how to describe your field site? This one-page site report will help you note the important details, from area and average elevation to human-made and natural topography.