Humans Videos

Humans COVID-19 Vaccines for Children with Sallie Permar and Jay Varma What should families know about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine for kids? Humans COVID-19: Origins, Spread, and Impacts How does a virus that may have originated in bats jump to humans? How do we model the spread of infection? Humans Guinea Worm: Countdown to Zero Health workers in South Sudan track a parasite, in an effort to eliminate Dracunculiasis infection. Humans When Good Bacteria Go Bad Scientists investigate how bacteria exchange genetic information in shared environments - sometimes for the worst. Humans Genes and Health: Moving Beyond Race A scientist studies human genetic variation to understand how inherited components may play a role in disease prevalence. Humans Caving for Cures: Mining Drugs From Nature Scientists seek cures for disease in underground microbes. Humans Expedition Rusinga: Uncovering Our Adaptive Origins Scientists reconstruct the environments of the genus Proconsul, an ancient primate relative of modern humans. Humans Malaria: Natural Selection and New Medicine Evolutionary biology helps scientists understand malaria - and devise ways to better fight the disease. Humans Scientists Pinpoint Genetic Link to Asthma Tracing asthma in Hutterite communities helps scientists understand the genetic contributors to disease. Humans MRSA: The Evolution of a Drug-Resistant Superbug A superbug traveled from humans to farm animals, then back to humans - and picked up antibiotic resistance on the way. Humans Species and Sprawl: A Road Runs Through It As the suburbs flourish, road mortality presents a major challenge to turtle populations throughout the US. Humans Urban Sprawl: Phoenix Sprawl presents major challenges for water conservation in this fast-growing desert city.
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