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Research and Collections Searching For Microbes In Moss - Pondlife Ep 3 Mosses, some of the oldest plants on land, are home to an incredible variety of microbes. Research and Collections Cyanobacteria from Pond to Lab - Pondlife Ep 2 Cyanobacteria are among the most important and abundant organisms on Earth. Research and Collections Searching for Human Ancestors in East Africa Find out how paleoanthropologist Ashley Hammond finds fossils in the field and then studies them back in the lab. Research and Collections Pond Scum Under the Microscope - Pondlife Ep 1 Microbiologist Sally Warring dives into the surprisingly beautiful microscopic world of pond scum. Research and Collections Rare Book Collection: Printing Techniques for Scientific Illustrations The history of printmaking is as colorful as the extraordinary prints in the Museum’s Rare Book Collection. Research and Collections Wild at Heart: The Plight of Elephants in Thailand Can a nation return its captive elephants to the forest? Research and Collections Why Are Fossil Shark Skeletons So Rare? While shark teeth are among the most common vertebrate fossils, fossilized shark skeletons are much harder to come by. Research and Collections How Corals Hold Centuries of Ocean Climate Data Corals are living records of climate change. Research and Collections Revealing Climate Through Corals What can corals reveal about how our oceans have changed over time? Research and Collections Preserving the Dry Coral Collection How does the Museum care for its collection of more than 4,000 dry coral specimens? Research and Collections The Science of Speciation—Molecular Adaptation in Vampire Bats  Blood-feeding bats get decoded. Research and Collections Spider Expert Cheryl Y. Hayashi On Silk, Webs, and More Dr. Hayashi shares her fascination with spiders and their DNA.
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