In the Field Videos

In the Field Finding Trilobites on Anticosti Island Hunt for trilobite fossils alongside paleontologists, as they solve the mysteries of Earth's first mass extinction. In the Field Searching for Bat Fossils in Colombia Big animals like dinosaurs make big fossils–but how do scientists find fossils of small animals like bats and rodents? In the Field Diving for 500-Year-Old Corals in Tobago Join a Museum oceanographer on an expedition to Tobago as the team dives for coral samples. In the Field Exploring Greenland's Icy Waters Scientists search for biofluorescent fish in an unlikely place. In the Field Molecular Adaptation in Vampire Bats Follow scientists from the jungles of Brazil to a lab in the US, as they decode the evolutionary history of a famed mammal. In the Field Sharks: The Present See marine biologist catch, tag, and genetically sample sharks - all part of an effort to help declining species rebound. In the Field Sharks: The Past Watch scientists use CT scanning to compare living and fossil sharks - an evolutionary period spanning 450 million years. In the Field Distant Quasars: Shedding Light on Black Holes Researchers use a “galaxy-sized lens” to analyze light from a distant quasar—revealing a supermassive black hole. In the Field Super Corals—For the Future (1 of 3) Explore a reef where healthy and dying corals live side by side. In the Field Super Corals—A Closer Look (2 of 3) Powerful microscopic imaging reveals dynamic interaction between colorful algae and the coral they inhabit In the Field Super Corals—Understanding the Science (3 of 3) Watch scientists they try to uncover what makes super corals tolerant of warmer water. In the Field Explore21: Expedition to the Solomon Islands—The Expedition Begins Scientists film underwater, using special equipment to capture images of life normally invisible to the human eye.
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