Dinosaurs and Fossils Videos

Dinosaurs and Fossils Behind the Scenes in a Dinosaur Fossil Laboratory Dinosaur fossils are extracted from the Earth with hammers and chisels, but in the lab, scientists turn to newer technology. Dinosaurs and Fossils Where are All the Tiny Dinosaurs? A dinosaur as small as a mouse—pretty hard to imagine, right? It could be because tiny dinosaurs simply didn’t exist. Dinosaurs and Fossils Paleontologists dig for Jurassic dinosaur fossils Visit the Morrison Formation, one of the sites of many famous dinosaur discoveries, with paleontologists. Dinosaurs and Fossils Mosasaurus: Lizard King of the Ancient Ocean The massive extinct lizard that dominated Cretaceous oceans, but was not a dinosaur. Dinosaurs and Fossils How long did a T. rex live? The life of the ultimate predator, from the birth to death. Dinosaurs and Fossils Are dinosaurs still alive today? We’re still living in the Age of Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs and Fossils How do you find dinosaur fossils? Hint: it’s not as easy as it looks in the movies. Dinosaurs and Fossils Did an asteroid kill the dinosaurs? An extinction mystery explained by paleontologist Aki Watanabe. Dinosaurs and Fossils Why Isn't Pterodactyl a Dinosaur? Paleontologist Danny Barta explains what is and is not a dinosaur. Dinosaurs and Fossils When Carnivores Took to the Water A Museum scientist finds clues to the evolution of carnivores - and when they first took to water - by studying their inner e... Dinosaurs and Fossils Sharks: The Past Watch scientists use CT scanning to compare living and fossil sharks - an evolutionary period spanning 450 million years. Dinosaurs and Fossils Sea Creatures Face the Acid Test A scientist digs into the fossil record to learn why a successful group of mollusks perished.
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