Earth and Climate Videos

Earth and Climate How many minerals does Earth have? A brief history of formation of the minerals that make up our dynamic, life-filled planet. Earth and Climate Earth Day 2021: Road to Recovery Does the coronavirus pandemic hold lessons for the fight against climate change? Earth and Climate Earth Day 1970 - 2018: Sea Changes See what’s changed for our oceans since 1970, and how you can take action. Earth and Climate Earth Day 1970 - 2020: 50th Anniversary || Time Will Tell The first Earth Day was in 1970. A lot has changed since, and the future depends on the choices we make today. Earth and Climate Earth Day 1970 - 2019: No Time To Waste What's changed since the first Earth Day in 1970? Earth and Climate Shrinking Glaciers: A Chronology of Climate Change Scientists analyze ancient glaciers to understand climate change today. Earth and Climate Acid Oceans For marine life, climate change means more than warming. Earth and Climate Bee Deaths Linked to Common Pesticides Nicotine-related pesticides may be responsible for bee population decline. Earth and Climate Reading the Rocks: The Search for Oil in ANWR The ANWR is rich in oil. What’s at stake? Geologists who examine glaciers offer insight. Earth and Climate Continental Deformation: Creating the Basin and Range A digital landscape of the American Southwest. Earth and Climate Derecho New insights into a rare, destructive wind storm. Earth and Climate Archived in Ice: Rescuing the Climate Record Glaciologists are racing to core the largest tropical ice cap before it melts.
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