Oceans Videos

Oceans How Does a Blue Whale Feed? Massive blue whales feed on tiny prey. How do they manage to get enough to eat? Hint: it involves literally doubling in size! Oceans What Are Blue Whales Doing Underwater? Dive into the world of blue whales, where state-of-the-art tech is giving researchers a window into their mysterious lives. Oceans How Did Blue Whales Get So Big? What’s so great about being extra large? Explore some of the fascinating mysteries that blue whales hold for researchers. Oceans Sharks: The Present See marine biologist catch, tag, and genetically sample sharks - all part of an effort to help declining species rebound. Oceans Sharks: The Past Watch scientists use CT scanning to compare living and fossil sharks - an evolutionary period spanning 450 million years. Oceans Opening Up the Pocket Shark Museum scientists virtually dissect a rare and fragile pocket shark. Oceans Sea Creatures Face the Acid Test A scientist digs into the fossil record to learn why a successful group of mollusks perished. Oceans Super Corals—For the Future (1 of 3) Explore a reef where healthy and dying corals live side by side. Oceans Super Corals—A Closer Look (2 of 3) Powerful microscopic imaging reveals dynamic interaction between colorful algae and the coral they inhabit Oceans Super Corals—Understanding the Science (3 of 3) Watch scientists they try to uncover what makes super corals tolerant of warmer water. Oceans Explore21: Expedition to the Solomon Islands—The Expedition Begins Scientists film underwater, using special equipment to capture images of life normally invisible to the human eye. Oceans Scientists Save Penguin Chicks Commercial fishing is diminishing African penguin chicks' food supply. See how scientists are trying to help them survive.
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