Exhibits Videos

Exhibits The Andros Coral Reef Diorama: Standing on the Floor of the Sea Explore how Museum scientists and artists recreated a coral reef in New York City in the 1920s. Exhibits What Color Is a Blue Whale? Dive into the history of the Museum's iconic blue whale model. Exhibits Northwest Coast Basketry – Woven Traditions Discover how a Suquamish master basket weaver is helping conservators care for the Northwest Coast collection. Exhibits The Nature of Color – Opens March 2020 Explore how color carries information both in nature and across cultures in the new exhibition, The Nature of Color. Exhibits Explore the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites Meteorites hold data about the formation of our solar system and planets. Exhibits ICONS - T. rex: The King of Time How did T. rex land on the cover of Jurassic Park? Exhibits T. rex Skeleton Crew Get a sneak peek at the new T. rex Skeleton Crew virtual reality experience featured in T. rex: The Ultimate Predator. Exhibits What Did a Baby T. rex Look Like? Did you know T. rex hatchlings were most likely covered in fluff? Learn more about the life history of the ultimate predator. Exhibits Behind the Updates to Old New York Diorama New interpretation of a 1930s diorama adds context and highlights misrepresentations, adding a modern cultural perspective. Exhibits Seven Million Years of Human Evolution An animated overview, covering seven million years of hominin evolution. Exhibits Our Senses: How Mammals See the World In Many Colors Humans see more colors than most mammals. Exhibits Our Senses: What Sluggish Sloths Tell Us About Balance Some species don't need this vital sense.
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