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Tardigrade Tickets

Curriculum Collection

For Educators

Explore incredible adaptations that allow life to thrive even in the most unlikely places on Earth with these resources for the Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Adaptations exhibition. The educator's guide will help you and your students investigate the exhibition. 

Polluted Water Keep Out

Curriculum Collection

Ecology Disrupted

High school ecology curriculum that uses real scientific data to link everyday human impacts to ecological principles.

Adventures IN Science Thumb 2014

Workshop, Camp

Adventures in Science

Multi-day and weeklong science immersions for children in grades pre-K - 5 that introduce them to a wide variety of scientific disciplines through thought-provoking, hands-on investigations and interactive tours of Museum exhibits.


Interactive, Activity

Find a Vent

Climb aboard this virtual expedition along an unknown stretch of the Pacific Ocean's Juan de Fuca Ridge to see if you can find a deep sea vent.

tv lal what's this 6


What's this? Life at the Limits

Discover the many ways that species have evolved to survive – especially in some of the most extreme environments on Earth.

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