Lang Science Program

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Lang instructor and student who is putting a cap onto a tube. Matt Shanley/© AMNH
Are you a 6th grader who is really excited about science?

Are you curious about science and the natural world? Do you always watch the latest rocket launch, follow #nature on Instagram, or like learning about different cultures around the world? You can learn about all of that and more as a student in the American Museum of Natural History’s Lang Science Scholars Program! 

Lang Science Scholars is an intensive, six-year science program spanning middle and high school for students in New York City. Lang is a program for students who are curious about the world and eager to expand their knowledge. We work with our students to nurture this curiosity and joy, and to guide them to become responsible contributors to and consumers of science. In Lang, the Museum will be your classroom for six years—you’ll learn in the exhibits, visit our collections and labs, and take classes with students who share your passion for science. You’ll also conduct your own research, visit nearby forests, zoos, research centers, and other museums! 

Interested in Applying for Lang?

Watch this short information session video about the application process for this year.

AMNH Youth Community

We are committed to building and fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community to provide young people with one-of-a-kind STEM experiences, within a museum context, that support their academic and social development and build foundational STEM and career skills. We invite students from across our five boroughs to explore human cultures, the natural world and our universe in a way that is creative, social, relevant, and welcoming. 

What do you do in this program?

In middle school, students take courses in the major sciences that are exhibited and studied at AMNH, such as Anthropology, Geology, Astrophysics, Genetics, and other Life Sciences. Classes build on each other, creating a comprehensive experience.In high school, students choose courses and research topics, allowing them to concentrate on particular fields if they so choose, or continue taking a wide selection of different sciences. We offer courses in preparing for and applying to our high schoolers, as well as workshops for building career skills.

If six years isn’t for you, we encourage you to take a look at the Science Alliance Program, which offers weekday science programs for middle schoolers.

When does the Lang program meet?

We meet for 3 weeks each summer, and 15-18 Saturdays each school year.

  • In the summer of 2024, we will meet from July 8–July 26.
  • During the summer, our schedule is Monday–Friday, from 10 am–3 pm with a one-hour lunch break. During the school year we typically meet on scheduled Saturdays, also from 10 am–3 pm.

Times may change due to trips and other special events. In high school, students may have the option to meet during after-school hours instead of Saturdays. 

What does the program cost?

For the incoming class of 7th grade students, tuition is scaled to family size and income. Tuition rate is determined according to New York City affordable housing eligibility. 

  • Free Tuition: low income families (second column from left in the chart below)
  • Reduced Tuition ($3,500/year): moderate or middle income families (third column from left in the chart below)
  • Full Tuition ($7,000/year): families with higher than middle income (far right column in the chart below)

Please see the income eligibility chart below to see if you qualify for free or reduced tuition. Household size should indicate the total number of individuals in the home, which includes the primary caregiver(s) and all dependents.

Household Size Household incomes that qualify for Free Tuition Household incomes that qualify for Reduced Tuition Household incomes that qualify for Full Tuition
2 people $90,400 or below $90,401–$186,450 $186,450 or higher
3 people $101,680 or below $101,681–$209,715 $209,715 or higher
4 people $112,960 or below $112,961–$232,980 $232,980 or higher
5 people $122,000 or below $122,001-251,625 $251,625 or higher
6 people or more $131,040 or below $131,041-$270,270 $270,270 or higher

Questions? Reach out to [email protected]. Please sign up on this mailing list if you would like to be updated about any of our Middle School Programs. 


The American Museum of Natural History Lang Science Program and Lang Scholar Awards are made possible by the Eugene M. Lang Endowment Fund.

Additional support has been provided by Melvin Klugman and the Zeldin Family Foundation.

The American Museum of Natural History gratefully acknowledges Morgan Stanley for its sponsorship of youth initiatives.

Middle School Programming in the Gilder Center is proudly sponsored by the New York Life Foundation.

The Museum’s Education Collection is generously supported by the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation and Elysabeth Kleinhans.