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2014 Young Naturalist Awards Winners, Finalists and Semifinalists


2014 YNA Winners

7th Grade

  • Walter N. What Produces Nutrient-rich Soil?
  • Anupama J. A Study of the Effectiveness of Different Types of Greywater on the Growth of Pisum sativum

8th Grade

  • Andy K. Algae: A Truly Green Fuel to Power the World
  • Brandon G. A Method to Reduce Water Evaporation from Soil Using the Absorbent Properties of Organic Wheat Straw

9th Grade

  • Julia C. Weed Warfare: Investigating Allelopathy Year IV
  • Vrinda M. Effects of Sewage Spillage on the Health of Wekiva River

10th Grade

  • Katelyn B. Using Agricultural Waste for Remediation of Chemical Contaminants in Water
  • David Y. Removal of Copper (II) Ions from Contaminated Water by Encapsulation of Peppermint Tea Leaves in Alginate Beads

11th Grade

  • Chang Won L. Anomalies in the Diets of Malaclemys terrapin, the Northern Diamondback Terrapin, in Local Bays of Long Island, NY
  • Carissa D. Thoracic Temperatures of the Postman Butterfly Heliconius melpomene in Relation to Diurnal Ambient Temperature Changes in Coastal Guyana

12th Grade

  • Elijah B. Age and Radial Growth Rates of Ancient Cedars (Juniperus and Thuja) in Adams County, Ohio
  • Ian G. Occupancy Modeling of Bird Species in a Sub-Alpine Lake Ecosystem
  • Grace McI. Size, Abundance, Biodiversity and Distribution of Ichthyoplankton Found in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey from May 2012 to October 2013

2014 YNA Finalists

7th Grade Finalists

  • Connor C. “The Effect of Water Pollution on Bioluminescent Bacteria”
  • Grace G. “Pick a Pot!”
  • Greg K. “Bringing the Big Oyster Back to Cleaning the Big Apple”
  • Lauren B. “A Study of the Effects of the 2013 Northern Colorado Flood on the Poudre Learning Center”
  • Oliver H. “Thigmotropism as Seen in Pea Plants”

8th Grade Finalists

  • Anita G. “The Effect of Competition on a Problematic Invasive Species, Brassica nigra
  • Annabel N. “Anchovy Die-off: Effects on Water Quality”
  • Caroline N. “Filtering Agricultural Effluent with Fungal Mycelium”
  • Finnegan B. “An Analysis of Three Different Compost Samples”
  • James T. "Do Tides Affect What Species Appear on Shore?"
  • Varun S. “Water Quality and Biodiversity at Arrowbrook Park in Herndon, Virginia”
  • Victoria B. “The Fight for Flight: Investigating Ophrocystis elektroscirrha

9th Grade Finalists

  • Ilene E. “Comparison of Chlorophyll Levels in Trees Using Chromatography”
  • Joshua F. “Hurricane Sandy’s Affect on Lake Como, Silver Lake, and Sylvan Lake’s Water Quality”
  • Lauren R. “An Investigation of Horses' Behaviors and their Effects on their Health and Happiness”
  • Skylar G. “Reviving Polluted Beaches: Analyzing and Quantifying Types of Human Trash on Urban Carlsbad Beaches so that an Adequate Community Response can be Identified”
  • Truth M. “The Hidden World of Bird Language”
  • Thaniel T. “Is Temperature the Main Determinant of Dissolved Oxygen in Pond Water?”

10th Grade Finalists

  • Alex B. “Zooplankton in Four Maine Lakes from Autumn through Spring”
  • Amy L. “Novel Phytoremediation Advancements: Response of Andropogon gerardii to Alterations in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, Seed Source, and Heavy Metal Contamination”
  • Charlotte F. “The Effectiveness of Lilium Stargazer in Reducing Hard Water”
  • Demetrios M. “Effects of Vacuuming Pervious Concrete on Infiltration Rate”
  • Michelle H. “The Effect of Pollutants, from the Columbia Pike Route 29, on the Chloride, and Dissolved Oxygen Levels in the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River”
  • Stephen B. “Daily Development of Tree Swallows (TRES) and Eastern Bluebirds (EABL) Using Photography and Weight Measurements”

11th Grade Finalists

  • Beatrice B.  “Irene and Sandy… Oddity or Destiny? An Investigation of Factors Influencing Flooding Risks in the Long Island Area”
  • Brandon C.  “Using Biosorbent to Remove Heavy Metals from Wastewater”
  • Colleen C. “Using Asclepias syriaca Seed Fibers to Prevent Oil Spill from Two-Stroke Outboard Motors”
  • Ian B.  “The Effects of pH on Metabolic Rates in Asiatic freshwater clams, Corbicula fluminea, in the Cahaba River”
  • Meagan B.  “A Three Month Analysis of the Desert Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) Translocation Project in the Santa Catalina Mountain Range”
  • Neil C. “Examination of Phototaxis and Stigmergy in Dugesia tigrina

12th Grade Finalists

  • Catherine F. “Phylogenetic and Dietary Signals in the Dentition and Mandible of Carnivora (Mammalia, Placentalia): A Geometric Morphometric Approach”
  • Dean O. “The Evolution of Venom Delivery Systems in Non-Front-Fanged Colubroids”
  • Doug D. “Mitigating the Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on the Blanding’s Turtles and Enforcing and Promoting Mitigation through Legislative Action and a Global Conservation Campaign”
  • Katie M. “The Effect of Carbon Dioxide Levels on Oxygen Production in the Diatom Cyclotella meneghiniana
  • Rachel B. “The Effects of Agriculture on the Levels of Nitrate, Phosphate, and BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) in the South River”
  • Stephanie F. “Determining Mg/Ca Ratio of Brachiopod Shells to Assess the Potential of Recording Late Ordovician Seawater Chemistry”
  • Tarin R. “Do Beach Conditions and/or Human Populations Correlate to Spawning Density of Limulus polyphemus (Horseshoe Crab)?”

2014 Semifinalists

7th Grade

  • Aaron G. “The Effects of Vinegar Solutions on Mung Bean Sprouts”
  • Adam B. “A Study of the Relationship of Light Level to Mushroom Growth”
  • Aidan C. “The Impact of Aquatic Invasive Plants in the Adirondack Mountains: A Study of Gull Pond”
  • Akshat S. “A Three Degree Increase in Temperature Could Change the World”
  • Alexander D. “How Much Bacteria is in a School?”
  • Alice O. “Violas vs. Vinegar: Getting Rid of Weeds”
  • Andrew H. “Impact of Huanglongbing (HLB) on Citrus Trees”
  • Brendan McL. “Effectiveness of Hand Sanitizer and Hand Soap”
  • Britt R. “Observing Red Kangaroos in a Zoo Setting”
  • Bryce C. “What Attracts Earthworms to a Compost Pile?
  • Colby B. “A Comparison of Animal Species Near Different Urban Water Environments”
  • Connor L. “Do Cooler Temperatures Slow Bacteria’s Growth?”
  • Emma S. “Can You Trust Your Bread?”
  • Gauri G. “Does Elevation Affect the Amount of Air Pollution?”
  • Hamilton N. “Do Grass Clippings Help Plants Grow?”
  • Isabelle G. “Food or Fear?”
  • Ivor W. “A Study of Scent Attractants and Feed Bringing White-tailed Deer into a Suburban Backyard Environment.”
  • Johnny A. “What is the Dirtiest Part of the House”
  • Kate H. “Natural Methods of Mold Prevention on Strawberries”
  • Kristi B. “Wild versus Zoo Elephants”
  • Leah S. “Bird Populations Established by Environments”
  • Lexi E. “Horse Coat Color Genetics”
  • Luke L. “All About Water”
  • Madigan W. “Fruit Ripening Comparison: Ripe Fruit and Refrigeration”
  • Madison D. "Bird Watching"
  • Maximilian K. “Magnetic Strength vs. Magnet Size and Shape”
  • Mikaela V.  “Room Temperature Food or Warm Food?”
  • Milan H. “The Fibonacci Series in Pine Cones”
  • Nicolas S. “The Effect of Various Pesticides on Dandelions”
  • Paige B. “How’s the Water?”
  • Sophia C. Having a Bad Air Day?
  • Valeria A. “What Color Would the Bird Choose?”
  • Wolfgang S. “Best Way to Water Bush Beans”

8th Grade

  • Benjamin F. “Oil Spills on Land: Where Does the Oil Go?”
  • Caroline V. “Finding Temperatures’ Effect on Compost”
  • Chelsea C. “A Study of the Terrapene carolina carolina of Western Pennsylvania’s Use of Organoleptic Assessment in Determining Indigenous Food Preferences”
  • Kate M. “Can SunflowersTake up Road Salt?”
  • Lily T. “The Life of a Doggie Waste Bag”
  • Peyton L.  “Which Homemade Bird Feeder Do Local Birds Prefer?”
  • Taylor H. “The Nutrient Difference Between Farm Soil and Garden Soil”

9th Grade

  • Aditya C.  “Do Roads Affect the Health and Fertility of Soil?”
  • Allison L. “The Effects of Acidity on Microorganisms Modeled by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Ananya M.  “Testing for Evidence of Cross-Contamination of the Raritan Canal From the Local Sewer”
  • Anna R. “The Effect of Temperature on Honeybee Activity”
  • Audrey G. “The Effects of Essential Oils on Bacteria Growth”
  • Audrey T. “Simulated Effect of Rising Temperatures on Bacterial Populations in Mercer Country Lake”
  • Chinmay S. “An Analysis of the Effect of the Environment of Mill Pond Park on the Genus of Algae Living There”
  • Dominick F. “A Study of the Plankton in a Pond”
  • Grace T. "Which Grass is Best for My Yard?"
  • Holly K. “ Wild Bird Preference: Human Foods vs. Natural Seed Diets”
  • Hunter W. “We Put the TTY in Lettuce!”
  • Isaac McS. “The Effect of Lights on the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug”
  • Kevin H.  “Effects of Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis on the Acidity of Water”
  • Lindsay K. “The Grass is Always Greener in Central Virginia: Testing Grass Seed Types in Red Clay Soil”
  • Maria W. “The Ground Ate My Homework”
  • Michelle X. “Can Natural Herbs Bring Antibiotics Back to Life?”
  • Sally W. “The Most Favorable Soil pH for Moss Development”
  • Tanishq A. “Comparing Microbial Growth on the Leaves of Trees”
  • Vashvi S. “Pond Pollution”
  • Victoria C. “The Effects of a Specialized Food Source on the Winter Mortality of Bees”
  • Virginia J. “Comparative Systematic Biology of Miscanthus sinensis and Sorghastrum nutans”
  • William C. “How Weather Affects Numbers and Types of Birds at an Urban Backyard Birdfeeder”
  • Yasmin S. “Growth Prospects Found in Soil”

10th Grade

  • Alex S. “Phytoremediation of Various Pollutants and Factors in Fresh and Brackish Water using Lemna minor and Eichhornia crassipes
  • Amy P. “The Effect of Water Temperature on Blue Mussel's Byssal Thread Tenacity”
  • Andrea S. “A Clean Energy Alternative”
  • Aziza R. “Habitat Preference of Nekton in Piermont Marsh”
  • Brian C. “The Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Mortality, Dietary Habits and the Ability of Anhydrobiosis on Hypsibius dujardini
  • Chelsey F. “Using Lichens as Environmental Indicators of Backyard Air Pollution”
  • Connie H. “Eutrophication in Upstream and Downstream Areas of the Potomac River”
  • Deanna L. “The Effect of Common Pollutants on the Growth of Elodea Canadensis
  • Deepanji D. “Reducing Property Vulnerability to Wildfires”
  • Eleanor H. “Urban Chicken Farming’s Effect on Soil Nutrient Levels”
  • Elizabeth B.  “Plastic Micro-beads: The Good, The Bad, and The Great Lakes”
  • Eric C. “Comparison of Nitrifying Bacteria from the Bronx River and Aquaria”
  • Jeremy S. “Trace Metal Analysis of Marsh Sediments on Eastern Long Island”
  • Josephine Y.  “The Effect of Juglone on a Variety of Plants”
  • Julie Y. “The Effects of Substrates on the CO2 Emissions of NYC Soils”
  • Kyla G.  “The Relation Between Surrounding Environment and Water Quality”
  • Londeen McE.  “The Effect of Mg on the Inhibiting Actions of Abscisic Acid on the Growth, Cellular Respiration, and Chlorophyll Level of Glycine max
  • Maggie C. “The Effect of Water Quality from Coney Island Beach and Caesar's Bay Bazaar on the Growth and Mortality of Artemia salina”
  • Matthew G. “The Effect of Magnifying Glass in Comparison to a Mirror’s Matrix on the Efficiency of Solar Panels”
  • Nithya V.  “Elodea canadensis in Our Environment”
  • Nuriya S. “The Effects of Ocean Acidification and Iron Contamination on the Feeding Habits of A. pallida using B. plicatilis”
  • Sterling F.  “An Analysis of Water Quality and Biota in the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon River”
  • Tasfia T.  “The Process and Efficiency of Phytoremediation by Hydroponically Grown Ipomoea tricolor and Lobularia maritima Plants in Copper-Contaminated Water…”
  • Thomas P.  “The Effects of pH Levels on Microbes Found in Freshwater Bodies”

11th Grade

  • Aaron S. “Investigating how Sediment Size and River Bottom Composition Affects the Settlement of Juvenile Anguilla rostrata in the Hudson River”
  • Abby W. “An Innovative Study of the Net Energy Gain of Cellulosic Ethanol from Recycled Matter”
  • Benjamin D. “Analysis of the Effects of Trains and Railroads, Plants, Soil and Water Quality in Suburban Pennsylvania”
  • Brandon W. “Renewable Energy Using Microbial Fuel Cells”
  • Carle D. “The Effect of Sulfuric Acid and Particle Size on CO2 Sequestration in Serpentine Rock”
  • Dylan H. “Climate Change's Effect on Migratory Birds”
  • Elena M. “Change in Plant Species Distribution at Occoquan Bay Wildlife Refuge”
  • Jack H. “The Effect of Bacteria: P. putida; B. subtilis and Fungi: S. rugosoannulata; P. ostreatus on the Bioremediation of Motor Oil”
  • Jessica S. “The Effects of Oceanic Acidification on the Calcification of Pteropods”
  • Kalia F. “Decoding Plant Pathogen Warfare: The Role of Fatty Acid and Retinol Binding Proteins (FARs) During Host Parasitism by RKN Meloidogyne spp.
  • Kevin C. “The Effect of Invasive Rhamnus cathartica on Seed Germination of Illinois Native Species”
  • Milani C. L. “Host Tree Preferences of Oriental Bittersweet”
  • Robbie B. “Testing Competing Hypotheses about Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Dynamics in the Indian River Lagoon”
  • Wolfgang O. “Protecting Stream, Lakes, and Rivers: Engineering a Breakthrough Filter to Remove Phosphates from Stormwater Runoff”

12th Grade

  • Alanna B. “The Decrease in Myotis lucifugus Due to Geomyces destrucans Impact on Anisoptera Populations”
  • Alexander R. “An Exploration into Quasi-Stellar Objects in the Green Valley”
  • Caitlin P-S. “The Evolution and Function of FRUITFULL Genes in the Nightshade Family (Solanaceae)”
  • Carolyn W. C.  “Urban Heat Island Effect in New York City”
  • Cecina B.M. “Habitat Conducive to Sexual Reproduction in Lilaeopsis schaffneriana recurva”
  • Chandler F. “The Allelopathic Effects of C. orbiculatus and F. japonica on Germination of R. sativus and S. cereal
  • Dominic J. "How Herbal Phytochemical, Isoliquiritigenin, Induces Antiproliferative Effects on Cervical Cancer Cells"
  • Elisa V. “Effects of the Pesticide Thiamethoxam on Vigor, Growth, and Development of Soybean Crops”
  • Elise H. “PCB Effects on Zebrafish Development”
  • Haydn L. “Seeking a New Tool for Determining the Age of Geologic Deposits”
  • Jeffrey T. “Brooklyn Monk Parakeets Respond to Recorded Alarm Calls from Florida, Uruguay, and Brazil”
  • Jesse F. “An Analysis of the Speculated Correlation between the Sterilization of Canines and the Development of Malignancies Later in Life”
  • Jessica W. " The Effects of Water Chemistry on Invertebrate Populations"
  • Julia J. “Engineering a Solar Hydronics Residential Heating and Cooling System”
  • Justin S. “Differential Pulse-Cathodic Stripping Votammetry (DPCSV) for Simultaneous Determination of Cu, Pb, Cd and Zn in Environmental Samples”
  • Katya G. “The Effect of Oak Biochar on Soil Quality and Growth of Glycine max…”
  • Keira N. “The Impact of Salt-Based and Alternative Deicers on Soil Bacteria Density”
  • Kharene G. “Removing Lead and Arsenic from Contaminated Soil”
  • Kimberley H. “Temperature Variability and Climatic Extremes in NYC”
  • Lauren W. “The Application of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) as a Non-Chemical Pesticide: Phase 4 of a 4-Part Project”
  • Laurie N. “The Effects of Environmental Toxicant, Bisphenol A (BPA), on the Ovarian Cells of Patiria miniata
  • Leslie T. “An Analysis of Growth Rates and Nitrogen Uptake in an Abundant Seaweed in Jamaica Bay, NY”
  • Lily D. “The Effects of Herbivory at the Edge of the Expanding Range of Avicennia germinans and Predictions for Future Patterns of Spread”
  • Marianna F. “The Relationship Between the Erosion Rates and the Biodiversity Indices on Various Beaches in Monmouth County, NJ”
  • Maryann B. “Assessing the Resistance of Feathers with Melanin-Based and Red Carotenoid-Based Pigmentation to Bacterial Degradation”
  • Maya D. “The Attenuation of Forest Elephant Vocalizations in the Rainforest”
  • Michael D. “In Terms of Biomass, to What Extent does Plant Proximity Affect the Yield of Glycine max?”
  • Nida H. “Physical and Chemical Characterization of the Water Quality of Lakes and Ponds in Greater New York”
  • Rachael C. “A Comparative Soil Horizon Study at Various Topographical Sites in the Wissahickon”
  • Rachel B. “The Effects of Agriculture on the Levels of Nitrate, Phosphate, and BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) in the South River”
  • Samuel G. “Effect of an Audience on the Calling Behavior of Monk Parakeets”
  • Sarah T. “The Effects of Population Density on the Sexual Differentiation of C-Fern Gametophytes”
  • Tasnim H. “Myiopsitta monachus, the Monk Parakeet, Prefers Rosaceae, Fruit Tree Wood, for Nest Construction”
  • Tien W. “Tree Diversity in Comparison to Distance from a Lake”
  • Vilian Q. “Spatial Variations of Fecal Indicator Bacteria (FIB) and Nutrients in the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, NY”
  • Ya’el C. “Improving Bioindicators: A New Weight-Length Model for Fish to Provide More Accurate Ecosystem Condition Assessment”
  • Zoe Z. “How Effective are Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, and Raw Honey in Killing the K-12 Strain of E. c

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