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Fishes That Glow: Exploring Biofluorescence and Bioluminescence in the Sea

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Biofluorescent fishes of many sizes and shapes glow green, orange, and red against a black backdrop

To celebrate our new exhibition, Unseen Oceans, we’re “re-surfacing” earlier podcast episodes about our planet’s last frontier: the oceans.

In this SciCafe from 2014, John Sparks, curator in the Department of Ichthyology at the Museum and curator of Unseen Oceans, and Research Associates David Gruber (CUNY) and Vincent Pieribone (John B. Pierce Laboratory at Yale), recount their expedition to the Solomon Islands, part of the Museum’s Explore21 initiative, to study biofluorescence and bioluminescence in fishes, and discuss the new technologies that are making such exploration possible.

This SciCafe took place at the Museum on March 5, 2014, under the title: SciCafe: Into the Abyss, New Frontiers in Deep Sea Exploration.


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For more about marine biolfluorescence and bioluminescence, visit Unseen Oceans, open through January 6, 2019.


The Museum greatly acknowledges the Dalio Foundation for its generous support of the inaugural Explore21 expedition.

The Museum’s Explore21 Initiative is generously supported by the leadership contributions of Katheryn P. and Thomas L. Kempner, Jr.; Linda R. and William E. Macaulay; and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The SciCafe series is proudly sponsored by Judy and Josh Weston.