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Sweeping modern exterior of the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation.
Alvaro Keding/© AMNH

Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation

Hailed internationally as a soaring architectural achievement, and housing world-class scientific research facilities, next-generation classrooms, and innovative exhibitions, the Museum’s highly anticipated Gilder Center will open to the public on May 4, 2023. 

2012 Urban Advantage Science Expo Students, teachers, schools, and institutions celebrate pioneering program to improve science education for middle school students. June 9, 2012 SRMP 2012 Scholarship Winners Three New York City high school seniors have all won $30,000 four-year college scholarships from the American Museum of Natural History’s... June 7, 2012 2012 Young Naturalist Winners This year’s winners included students from Arizona, California, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont,... June 1, 2012 Coral: Rekindling Venus Coral ecosystems come to life in this new immersive dome experience May 31, 2012 Timing Is Everything Researchers say a change in developmental timing was crucial in evolutionary shift from dinosaurs to birds May 29, 2012 Virus-Tracking Software Goes Worldwide A biomedical informatics researcher who tracks dangerous viruses as they spread around the globe has restructured his innovative... May 22, 2012 Kathryn Davis Museum Gift The American Museum of Natural History will celebrate 105-year-old philanthropist Kathryn W. Davis at a special ceremony and luncheon... May 18, 2012 Were Dinosaurs in Decline Before Mass Extinction? Research shows that massive herbivores were declining, carnivores and smaller plant-eaters were not May 1, 2012 Ammonite Habitats Ammonites Found Mini Oases At Ancient Methane Seeps; Findings Show That Mobile Shelled Mollusk Stayed Put If Conditions Were Right April 13, 2012 John Burroughs 2012 Medal Awarded to Edward Hoagland Medal for Distinguished Natural History Book Awarded to Sex and the River Styx April 1, 2012 Microraptor's Plumage Could Offer Insight into Early Evolution of Feathers Four-winged Dinosaur's Plumage Could Offer Insight into Early Evolution of Feathers March 8, 2012 DNA Barcoding Of Parasitic Worms: Is It Kosher? Museum scientists help Orthodox Union analyze nematodes in canned sardines, capelin eggs February 14, 2012