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Family Programs Discovery Room The Discovery Room will be open for extra morning hours during spring break from April 19–April 26. Through January 1, 2020 Courses and Workshops Weekend Drop-In Sessions in the Sackler Educational Lab Join us in the Sackler Educational Laboratory to meet scientists and discover cutting-edge research in human evolution. Saturdays and Sundays After-Hours Programs SciCafe: The Milky Way as You've Never Seen It Before Join Museum astrophysicist Jackie Faherty as she shares her work on visualization and study of the universe through one of the most... October 3, 2018 Cultural Programs 2018 Margaret Mead Film Festival More than 40 ground-breaking, international, nonfiction films and media present fresh cross-cultural perspectives. October 18, 2018 - October 21, 2018 Special Events Half-Earth Day Museum trustee E.O. Wilson leads this panel discussion on his foundation's visionary proposal for conserving our planet. October 22, 2018 Lectures and Talks Conservation and Resilience: What Climate Change is Teaching Us Join us for an engaging public panel discussion on climate change, conservation, and resilience. October 25, 2018 Family Programs Halloween Celebration This October, trick-or-treat in the Museum's iconic halls! Saturday, October 27, 2018 Courses and Workshops Sackler Brain Course: A Natural History of the Senses In this five-part course, we examine the science of sensory experience across the Tree of Life. Five Mondays, October 29–November 26, 2018 Planetarium Programs Astronomy Live: Spooky Space Join astrophysicist Jackie Faherty and presenter Mark Popinchalk for a virtual tour in the dome highlighting the universe's most... Tuesday, October 30, 2018 | Sold Out