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Family Programs Discovery Room The Discovery Room will be open for extra morning hours during spring break from April 19–April 26. Through January 1, 2020 Courses and Workshops Weekend Drop-In Sessions in the Sackler Educational Lab Join us in the Sackler Educational Laboratory to meet scientists and discover cutting-edge research in human evolution. Saturdays and Sundays Family Programs Meet the Scientist: Alejandro Núñez What happens on the sun? Join Alejandro Núñez as he explains the Sun’s amazing atmosphere where unexpected events take place. Saturday, December 1, 2018 Planetarium Programs Frontiers Lecture: Probing Asteroids in Space Can scientists catch an asteroid in space? Current missions will extract and return samples from the asteroids, helping us understand... Tuesday, December 4, 2018 Science Socials SciCafe: End of the Megafauna Until a few thousand years ago, gorilla-sized lemurs and 500-pound birds roamed earth.What caused their disappearance? Museum Curator... Wednesday, December 5, 2018 Planetarium Programs Hayden Special Event: Earthrise, Apollo 8 Join us on a voyage back to 1968 when humans orbited the Moon for the first time and an Apollo 8 crewmember captured Earth floating... Wednesday, December 19 Planetarium Programs Astronomy Live: Winter Solstice and the Year Ahead Celebrate the Solstice and get ready for the cosmic year ahead. Thursday, December 20, 2018 Festivals Kwanzaa 2018 Join us for the Museum’s annual Kwanzaa event, a celebration of African-American heritage rooted in seven principles known as Nguzo... Saturday, December 29, 2018