Identification Day

Monday, April 19, 2019

A group of children lean over a table covered with glass cases of insect specimens to observe an insect on a tray held out by a Museum scientist.
The Museum celebrates natural history collections by inviting visitors to bring in their own specimens for our annual Identification Day.

Get an up-close look at specimens from the Museum’s rarely seen collections, while scientists attempt to identify your discoveries.

Participating scientists include researchers from AnthropologyEarth and Planetary SciencesEntomologyHerpetologyIchthyologyInvertebrate PaleontologyMammalogyMicroscopyOrnithology, and Paleontology.

How Do I Prepare for Identification Day?


  • Bring as much information on your specimens as possible. If it belongs to a friend or family member, try to get the information from them.


  • Please only bring plants that you have permission to collect.
  • Plant samples that have flowers or fruits (or both) are much easier to identify than those without.
  • Bring your plant sample in a zip-lock bag (this will keep the plant moist for easier identification and will avoid spreading pests in the Museum).
  • Please try to bring fresh (very recently collected) plant samples.