About the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial

Theodore Roosevelt sits on a mountain wearing field gear

In 1924, the New York State Legislature decided to honor Theodore Roosevelt with a memorial at the American Museum of Natural History, in light of Roosevelt's close association with the Museum and his lifelong passion for science. The two-story Theodore Roosevelt Memorial—which includes the iconic Central Park West entrance, the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda, and the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall on the first floor—was completed in 1936. It remains a tribute to the enduring legacy of a man known as the Conservation President for his unprecedented efforts in placing some 230 million acres under federal protection.

The public reopening on October 27, the 154th anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt's birth, marks the start of a yearlong celebration of his foundational role in the American conservation movement with a slate of special programs to connect his conservation efforts to today's conservation science and to inspire the naturalist in all of us.