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SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Teaming Up with Robots with Julie Shah How will the next generation of robots be better equipped to work side by side with humans? SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: End of the Megafauna with Ross MacPhee How do scientists explain the mass extinctions of the strange, large animals that once roamed the Earth? SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Technology Inspired by Nature with Tak-Sing Wong Find out how a carnivorous plant and a hungry cell have inspired new technologies with potentially life-saving applications. SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: The Milky Way as You've Never Seen it Before Fly through the galaxy using new data from the Gaia telescope. SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Orangutans, Obesity, and Human Evolution Wild orangutans teach scientists about the evolution of human diets. SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Seeing is Believing How do our brains make sense of the world our eyes see? SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Trilobite Takedown How did trilobites grow and change during the 300 million years they inhabited the seas? SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: The Power of Poop Are fecal transplants the future of treating certain life-threatening diseases? SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: The Sixth Extinction - Biodiversity Under Threat Recent dramatic changes on Earth. SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Are We Alone in the Universe What can Earth and its species tell us about the possibility of life on other planets? SciCafe / Lectures SciCafe: Humans and Conflicts with Bears, Oh My! How can humans and bears be better neighbors? SciCafe / Lectures Solar Eclipse 101 What to expect in the August 2017 eclipse.
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