Family Party

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
5–7:30 pm

150 Years of Discovery
Take a trip through time at this year’s Family Party!

The Family Party—one of the Museum's most beloved traditions and the best family party in New York City—features fascinating educational activities and spectacular entertainment for children of all ages.

Educational Activities and Museum Science Center
Children will show off their smarts and learn something new with activities, crafts, and entertainment throughout the Museum! Always a fun-filled learning experience, the Family Party allows children and adults to explore the wonders of the Museum after hours. The highlight of the evening will be the engaging “Museum Science Center,” where children can meet animals and learn from Museum curators, scientists, and educators about some of the most exciting artifacts and specimens in the Museum’s collections.

Packages and Tickets:

Online sales have closed. Tickets and packages may be purchased at the door beginning at 5 pm.
For more information, please email [email protected].


Adult Tickets: $175 Each ($95 is tax deductible)
Child Ticket: $85 Each (no portion of this amount is tax deductible)


GALAXY PACKAGE $25,000 ($22,200 is tax deductible)


BLUE WHALE PACKAGE $10,000 ($8,000 is tax deductible)


T. REX PACKAGE $5,000 ($4,040 is tax deductible)


ELEPHANT PACKAGE $2,500 ($1,860 is tax deductible)


BUTTERFLY PACKAGE $1,500 ($1,020 is tax deductible)


FAMILY PACKAGE $600 ($280 is tax deductible)




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